Heroes & Friends

Who do you trust in a world of increasing noise and algorithmically produced content?

How often do you wish that you could tweak the settings on your Spotify playlists to be a bit more adventurous?

Where do you look to find alternatives to the mainstream options, retain some autonomy and avoid feeding the corporate giants?

I like personal recommendations, they may not have been finely tuned to align with my existing interests but it’s a two way street, not only do you get to explore the new artist or author but you also get a deeper insight into what makes up the person who made the recommendation in the first place.

I also like to share things I find useful; the world is awash with “stuff” so part of this page are my attempt at a guiding light to things that are likely to be actually worth your time. 

If you have any recommendations to go in any of the sections below, then drop a comment below or DM me. 

Books, Authors, Publications

Mind the Inclusion Gap – Suzy Levy : A book for anyone who wants to dive into the complex task of supporting diversity and increasing inclusion. It’s filled with insight and practical know-how. It will help you navigate the polarised and divisive issues we face, and move beyond just talking about diversity to playing an active role in shaping an inclusive future.

Breaking Together – A Freedom loving response to Collapse – Jem Bendell : A deep dive into why the world is in such a mess, the indicators to show we are already in a state of collapse, along with suggestions on how to reconcile that and find meaning and a way forward to navigate what is to come. 

Seth’s Blog : Seth Godin’s blog. Daily notes of insight and links to his other works. 

The Carbon Almanac : A source of reliable and easily understandable knowledge on climate change…that you can share to create meaningful impact.

John Richardson and the Futurenauts : Both irreverent and searing, enlightening and laugh out loud podcast. Comedian Jon Richardson, and “Futurenauts” Mark Stevenson and Ed Gillespie work their way through the woes of the world, the “why’s” and the “WTF do we do then’s”

Building a Second Brain : Tiago Forte’s guide to Personal Knowledge Management for when you finally realise you can’t keep everything in your head

Musicians, Producers, Apps & Gear

Laurel Sound Studios : Home of producer Phil Taylor

Steve Turnidge : Seattle-based polymath, Mastering Engineer, Musician, Originator of The Player’s Lounge

The Undercover Hippy : Reggae and Ska influenced “Hip-Pop” with a conscience from Billy Rowan and his Bristol Peeps

The Bamboos : The finest Australian funk and soul band I know

Obsidian : The open-source notemaking app I use for my second brain

Ethical & (More) Sustainable Resources

Suppliers of daily products that do less harm to the planet than the regular brands:

Who Gives a Crap  – mail order toilet roll and tissues

Smol – Mail order cleaning products


ClientEarth : An environmental charity with a unique approach – using the law to protect life on Earth, focussed on high-impact legal action

The Conversation : An independent source of news analysis and informed comment written by academic experts, working with professional journalists who help share their knowledge with the world.