A bold 3D graphic of a question mark, set against a dark background, infusing elements of both music and creative writing. The question. Image created by Dall-E

Why Why Why?

Simon Sinek says “Start with why” so that’s what I’m going to do.

Drax the Destroyer would say “Why is Donovan Jones?” we’ll cover that off too.

Why are we here? That’s a bigger question and something there may be consideration given to in the blog section of the site. And if you are wondering “Why am I here?” I hope you find some answers below…

Why is Donovan Jones?

Good question! As a stage name it rolls off the tongue slightly easier than my given name, it also alludes to both directions of parental lineage rather than just paternal. In part you could blame my cousin who goes by the stage name of River Matthews (and I whole heartedly recommend you check out his music).

Music has been a central part of my life since childhood, this site is a place where I can share what I love and what I have created, both individually and with the help of others. For me words have always come easier than music and they can take many forms, not just as inspiration for songs. Here you’ll find a mix of lyrics and other writings.

Like I suspect most people, my writing comes from a combination of reflecting on observations, feelings and a “trying to make sense of life” kind of thing.


Why now?

When is now? This instant whilst typing these words? The moment of you reading them? OK so let’s not get too metaphysical about it all. The most important thing is, to quote Moloko, “The Time is Now”.

As for why now… this isn’t actually a now thing, or a new thing, it’s a continuum. Regardless of the time or place, I’m delighted you are here. And if you have indeed found yourself here, feel free to say “hi” – there is an open invitation over on the contact page.