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Welcome inside the world (and mind) of Donovan Jones

Photo of Donovan Jones

Who is Donovan Jones?

Singer, Writer, Producer, Quiet commentator, Cerebral Activist (with the emphasis most definitely falling on the cerebral side of things), Donovan has spent many years working his way along the journey of personal creativity.

This site is a manifestation of some of those discoveries and outputs for anyone to explore. Listen to music, watch performances or sample some of Donovan’s written creative output.

There is an open invitation for you to critique, agree or disagree, or even disapprove – the choice is yours. Feedback and comments are most definitely welcome.

UPDATE: Work is well underway on Donovan’s first studio album. Find out more here

For the latest musings head over to “Other Ramblings”

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Watch past live and studio performances in the Videos section

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