Why you can’t do Everything (and why you should stop trying)

Pile of items

Time to concede, give in (but not give up). There is more stuff in the world than you can ever see, there are more things than you can ever do, there are more people than you can ever hope to meet. The world is limitless but your time money and energy never will be, and even if they were, the gap will still be too wide to bridge.

Why is this important? Because every time you get that sense of being overwhelmed by calls for your time, money or attention, you need to be able to say “Stop! It’s OK for me not to have all bases covered”.
I love coffee, craft beer, bread, music, and while each of these forms part of my daily life and I want to be expert in each of them, there is a limit to my capacity to take on new information, a limit on my time to experiment with each, and a limit on my motivation to always be pushing into something new versus the comfort of something familiar.
Sometimes letting yourself off the hook is just as important as holding yourself to account. In fact failing to do one can mean you fail to do the other too.

So it’s ok to just dabble occasionally, I don’t need to beat myself up if I never become either artisan or expert in any of the fields that interest me (although clearly expert beer drinker is admittedly easier than expert brewer!)


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