Are you talking to me?

Friday favourites time rolls around again. This slot should be the easiest post of each week, all I have to do is pick a favourite tune and put it here. However without a reason, or a story that provides some justification to go with it there’s nothing for you to engage with.

If it’s a track you already know you’ll either like it, or not, and it’s probably not going to add anything to your day. If it’s one you don’t know however, then that’s a different story.

So my endeavours on Friday Favourites will vary depending on how well known I think the song is; if I drop a Fleetwood Mac classic in then you can expect a reasonably comprehensive explanation as to why it’s made the list (rather than assuming anyone else’s musical tastes). If it’s a track from an artist with limited audience awareness there may be less for me to say but I’ll be really keen to get feedback on whether you’ve heard it before, and if you like it (or not). A bit of validation is always good for the soul.

As the weeks pass by I’ll be adding all the Friday Favorites to a Spotify and YouTube Playlist.

This week’s track is another one of those Spotify “Discover Weekly’ discoveries. It is proving to be a continual source of genre-linked delights and for me, proves the algorithms they have churning away in the background are getting good at offering up relevant recommendations.

The Torpedo Boyz were not a band I’d heard of and it’s not that surprising, Wikipedia describes them as a German/Japanese electronic music duo and to my knowledge they have had very little exposure in the U.K. However several artists I regularly listen to like Skeewiff, Smoove and Lack of Afro had remixed their tracks – which would explain the reason ‘Are you talkin’ to me’ appeared on the recommended list.

Sadly there is no live action video available to embed so just close your eyes and imagine something awesome!

It was a straight ‘like and save to playlist’ without even getting to the end of my first listen. The song’s monologue story delivered with a strange, almost central Americanesque tone combined with music that reminded me of the a couple of the songs from the soundtrack to the Playstation game Little Big Planet made it immediately appealing. It never fails to brighten my spirits and endless replays haven’t dampened the joy that it evokes.

So the answer to the question is yes, I am talking to you, and I hope you’ll be talking to me about these Friday Favourites. 

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