Did Mika get inspired by a Donovan?

Ready for more Midweek earworm machinations?

Ready or not here it comes!

Somewhere there is a photo of me at a school fancy-dress party donning blue jeans, white t-shirt plus questionable (certainly superfluous) braces, pretend strumming my dad’s acoustic guitar and singing along to one of the Stock Aitken and Waterman hits riding high in the charts at the time.

The song that was being played is the earworm answer to the conundrum that struck when I heard ‘We are Golden’ by MIKA for the first time.

Try not to be distracted by the typical MIKA exuberance and joyously cheeky performance, and just listen to the first 8 bars (which comprise the intro and choruses) it should take you all of about 10 of the 15 seconds to work our what it reminds you of. Assuming of course you were around at least old enough to appreciate chart music in 1989.

Everyone loves a bit of SAW

Yes that’s right Jason Donovan’s chart smash ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’.

Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll say ‘it’s my earworm so there!’ but somehow I don’t think you will today.

Back tomorrow 


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