Thou shalt televise the revolution.

I have a trio of treats for you this Friday following a theme of lyrical advice for all across the ages.

Starting off with Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution will Not be Televised”. Funky, Flute-y, Jazzy, wordy, full of attitude, smarts, political and social commentary.

And if you like that, roll up for lovingly crafted, 21st century homage to Mr Heron, courtesy of Smoove, aka Steven Moove,  titularly 50% of soul-funksters Smoove and Turrell.

There is just a hint of Geordie twang in Ferank Manseed’s vocals, plenty of updated witty commentary, at least as much flute as the original, and a boat load more funk.

Finishing off this week’s Friday Favourites is further inciteful scribbling cleverly crafted by Mr Political Poet Scroobius Pip and accompanied by the casio-inspired bleeps and beats of Dan Le Sac

And if you fancy a hard-er-core dance version try this Flat Eric-Phat Beat mash/mix

Club away my party hearty friends, or as Cameo would say, Word Up!

Donovan, out.

OK I lied, couldn’t really go without popping in this bonus. This got played immediately before U2 came out on stage for their mass-multimedia extravaganza, Zoo TV. Fits right in on this post.

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