Thowback Thursday: Oh Yeah, that one!

Thursday is going to be the regular place to find me trawling the archives of recorded material that I’ve worked on and am still happy to listen to.

Almost a decade ago, at some point in 2008, my fellow Strawberry Thief and lifelong Roxy Music fan, Oliver Whawell heard about a Roxy Music and related “progeny” tribute album project. Bands were being invited to submit alternative takes on their favourite Roxy Music songs. This was eventually to appear as “Take Refuge in Pleasure (The Songs of Roxy Music Re-visited)“. Oliver was absolutely up for it and I was happy to go along for the ride.

Working up two tracks for submission it was a 4 Saxophone-led instrumental cover of the Phil Manzenera track “Frontera” which appeared on the Deluxe Edition. The second track was a “lounge lizard” cover of the 1980 hit “Oh Yeah – Roxy Music – Top of the Pops Performance“, sadly it didn’t making the cut. I take some refuge in the fact that no other covers of that song appeared on the album either. But here it is preserved for posterity – enjoy!

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Cheers m’dears!


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