Playing for Keeps

Playing for keeps

Don’t waste your breath
Don’t waste your time
You won’t get to me
Through friends of mine

You’re not getting in
You’ve already gone too far
It’s better we both
Spend the night alone

I’m Playing for keeps
Things are gonna go my way
Playing for keeps
It’s time I had my say

Don’t waste my time
Don’t waste your breath
You won’t hide the fact
That there’s nothing left

You’re not getting in
You’ve already gone too far
It has to be that we
Spend some time apart

And I’m, playing for keeps
This is gonna be my day
I’m playing for keeps
And your welcome’s overstayed

You blind me to my feelings
With distraction from the pain
The truth’s another storyline
From which you cannot gain

You don’t care, you think it’s a game,
Every move, you try to place the blame
You’re not gonna win you’ve overplayed
This love wasn’t cheap, and I overpaid

For everytime you wouldn’t listen
For ev-rytime you lost control
For everytime you wouldn’t make a decision
For ev-ry-time you said I was cold

I’m Playing for keeps
There’s nothing that I’m giving up
Yes I’m playing for keeps
This time you’re just out of luck.

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