Something old, something new.

I started a post earlier today. I’m not going to finish it today. It needs more consideration and to cut it short will leave another loose end that I may never tie up. So in place of something “new” new, in true Blue Peter style, here is “one I made earlier”. A song lyric from a while back:

You want answers in black and white,
I choose to live in colour.
You want things to be wrong or right,
I just want another.

A few less questions
A few more exceptions.
Let me save you the time
Trying to find the line I have drawn.

Trying to fight your way out
Trying far too hard.
Finding the struggle becoming
more important than cause.

A bit less aggression,
A bit more compassion,
Try and take the time,
To find your peace of mind.

It’s still unclear, to me
It’s nowhere near, to me
What’s inside of me
Why does it hide from me?

It was there all along
But the obvious answers
are never offered readily.

I have a title already but if anyone fancies suggesting one drop it in the comments below. 

More words tomorrow, prose or verse, who knows


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