Stand and deliver:Your money or your time


We need to do something with our driveway. Yes I know I’ve completely captivated you with just that one sentence of domestic dilemmery, but bear with me.

My good lady and I are not without some diy skills and are certainly not afraid to take up the challenge of something new either. It’s not beyond us to do a bit of research and acquire the knowledge specific to a task we have not previously undertaken and, armed with a method, we can set about some madness. 

So fixing the driveway doesn’t seem out of reach; we have already taken out an offending low level wall that has been threatening the lovely sheen of our respective vehicles ever since we moved in just over a year ago. However, and here comes the point, (just in case you were reaching waffle overload), this feels like one of those tricky decisions to conclude; How much time and or money do we want to commit to the job at hand? The cost of getting someone in to do the job is significant to the point of severely restricting finances elsewhere were we to go ahead. On the flip side, the lack of previous experience in this area adds an element of risk that we could end up needing a professional to remediate anything we manage to screw up.

It feels like it would make a good TV challenge show…

[dramatic music with high energy brass stabs rising in pitch and velocity]


‘Time VS Money: YOU decide!’

‘This week’s contestants X and Y from Z decide whether to commit to weeks of hard labour in the pissing English rain or spend their life savings on something that will make their lives marginally better, but only until they move house again’

OK so it’s probably over-egging the dilemma a bit, but time vs money is probably the choice in at least 50% of all decisions;

Do I cook dinner tonight or get a takeaway? 

Do I go to the supermarket (further away) or the corner shop for the groceries?

Do I wash the car or stop off at the car wash?

Do I read a book from the library or go and see the film in the cinema?

We have limited money and ever decreasing time but we can’t have one running out before the other. 

Hopefully your not looking for answers on this topic because this isn’t one of those kinds of posts.

Who knows, maybe I’ll pay someone else to write the blog post tomorrow 😉


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