Sticking to the plan

Notebook and pen

Honesty first –  This is a filler post.

I have lots to do and lots I want to get done; I’m in the middle of working on a song, I’ve got to go and get a haircut which is long overdue and I’m going out this evening. None of this will interest you, I appreciate that, however I need to work through the days where time is short and inspiration is fleeting. It highlights a shortcoming in my time management, I do have draft posts kicking around but none of them can be polished to a publishable state today. 

Having said that my guilt levels are barely peaking. I never promised to be a source of daily entertainment, in fact I’ve just checked and I don’t think I’ve made any promises in terms of output other than the intent to post daily. Even the daily post category has a caveat in the title, so if this post wasn’t here I’d hardly be on the hook. It’s not like you’re all sat around waiting for a new post to land in your inbox. You, like me will all be busy too. 

Luckily this is a short post so you can crack on. As you were peeps….


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