Tubeway artery

Blurred London underground train

Away on business today so in place of the usual thoughtful commentary is some observational inspired poetry:

More like an inter-national express
All human life is here too;
Sleepers, commuters, tourists,
Young, old, fragrant, odourous,
In this (mostly) high-speed sweatbox,
Thousands of tiny private universes
Under a city of the only world there is.

On, off, off and on.
Lift, carry, lug.
Love, indifference, suspicion,
Discomfort, ignorance, assumption.

Rushes of air
Screaming of steel that nothing can silence.
Soulless automation
Pointless words and pictures telling stories, Every face a window into another.  

Round and round, back and forth
All the seemingly lonely people, where do they come from?
Where do they belong?
Where do they go?
Bleeding out into the streets
Lifeblood of London.


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