When you can’t put your finger on the problem.

Person with tin foil on their face

Something’s not quite right. I’m not sure what, but it’s causing a sense of unease. There are a number of minor things that are annoying or frustrating me, one was yesterday’s tech failure which feels like it sucked more than just some of my time up. Another is probably having over-committed myself a little, combined with caffeine and alcohol fighting each other,  and now, feeling a bit tired, I find myself wishing I could simply step away from those commitments and go to bed.

So I spend a little time feeling uncertain, a little down, bordering into melancholy and wondering how to lift myself out. Then along comes someone who needs my help and I go into practical logistics mode. It’s enough to break me away from the quagmire of introspection and snap me back to a place where I can achieve objectivity. From there I can usually pick apart the feelings and having worked out the causes move on.

I am grateful that for the most part when this kind of low hits that I can get myself back on an even keel. I’m well aware there are many who struggle far harder when lows approach to the point where hope and perspective are obscured to a much greater degree.

I also know I have people I could talk to, even if mostly I choose not to. This is also not the case for a lot of people and again I realise how fortunate I am.

That’s it. No advice. Just reflection and free therapy (mine, obviously).

Tomorrow brings another day.


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