Why there is no such thing as free entry – part 0.1

Cinema free pass ticket

I’m staying away tonight. Someone planned a stag do in the middle of the Lake District in the middle of the tourist season. Finding affordable accommodation could have been tricky, and certainly would have been a few years ago, trawling the online directories for Bed and Breakfasts. But it was fine in the end   – AirBnB to the rescue; once I’d managed to work my way through the establishments that insisted on multi-night stays (no filter for that yet!) I found somewhere in budget and not too far from the location of festivities.

We live in opportune times;  Want to rent a room? No problem, simply sign up to AirBnB and do so. Got some spare time and want to earn money driving? Go ahead, an Uber account is just a few clicks away.

Want to be a copywriter, a logo designer, a photographer, a video maker? It’s all within easy access, what’s stopping you?

Well I suspect if you are reading this, probably not much. You already have access to either a desktop computer, laptop or mobile phone. But there are barriers to entry. Owning property, or having access to a car is not available to all. And while for the others the entry point is low enough to start out, invariably these are not activities that you can earn a living from without a high degree of luck.

There is more. But it’s late so we’ll pick this up tomorrow 


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