Hello, I must be going…

It’s a great title, and I remember it being an album I really got into; hours spent struggling with teenage crushes and lamenting unrequited love. A bright red Saisho personal cassette player connected to even brights yellow Sony earphones on a detachable headband pumping Phil C’s drums and dark moods into my headspace, feeding the angst song by song.

I think my dad was a Phil Collins fan from the start; there were at least a couple of Genesis albums in his collection (although I don’t remember any Gabriel-era material) and after I showed an interest “…But Seriously” was a welcome christmas present. I think my love of brass sections probably stems from hearing The Phoenix Horns in tracks like “It Don’t Matter to Me” and “Saturday Night And Sunday Morning” and might explain why I love the likes of Renegade Brass Band who I’ll be seeing for the third time this Saturday when they return to the Wardrobe in Leeds (tickets still available I believe)

My favourite track from the Album RBB Rhymes Beats and Brass

After almost a decade of being an increasing fan (along with managing to see Genesis live at Roundhay in 1993) I stopped adding to the collection after never really connecting with albums from “Both Sides” onwards. There was something lacking lyrically for me, clever couplets and knowingness in the form of Achtung Baby and Zooropa from U2 were the kind of thing that took the place of earnest emotional observation. Oh to be twentysomething again…

I revisited some of the Phil Collins back catalogue earlier this year after reading his autobiography (which I recommend to anyone I trust not to be a snob about it), it was a great read; as honest and open as his songs have always been, and an eye opener to that fact that people who seemed to have it all sorted are generally no less insecure or flawed than the rest of us. The music will always have a place in my history and heart.

Well enough trolling down memory lane. 

Hump day tomorrow


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