Ready for the weekend?

I’m off down a musical rabbit hole again ferreting out Friday Favourites.

So it starts with thinking what from my collection would make a good weekend kickoff, up pops Boogie 2nite by Booty Luv.

Now I know that Booty Luv are made up of former Big Brovaz members and so it makes sense to drop in a link to ‘Nu-flow’ which draws me back to the Saturday’s earworm from last week but I swerve that tangent.

But then I start digging into the detail.

Turns out the top Booty Luv singles are covers (I know, shocker!).

Boogie 2nite was originally performed by Tweet and “Don’t mess with my man” by Lucy Pearl, so I give them both a listen;

And as I listen to the original (above) Mr Earworm takes hold and transports me across to ‘Don’t’ by Mr Edward Sheeran.

There is somewhat more than just a titular similarity hear, although that’s not uncommon for the 8th most streamed artist on Spotify. (No Scrubs / Shape of You ?)

So this is rapidly turning into a Midweek post but who cares? I’m having fun. Party for one anybody?  🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and party like Orson! 


PS the Single mix of Boogie 2nite was the Seamus Haji Big Love Edit (featured above),  not the version of audio that appeared in the official video release, which in case you’re interested was the remix by DB Boulevard which you can find here – not quite as “party” though. 

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