Save all your kisses for Delilah

No, we’re not talking Tom Jones country in this week’s mutating earworm, the titular reference is actually to the 2005 Grammy-nominated ballad by the Plain White T’s  ‘Hey There Delilah’. 

It’s a lovely little tune which has clocked up a tidy 252 million streams on Spotify. In case you haven’t come across it before you can have a listen below:

Now this tweaked the earworm off on a merry little journey all the way to beyond my earliest memories. 

Back when I was a mere babe in my mother’s arms, The Brotherhood of Man won Eurovision for the Brits and their single ‘Save your kisses for me’.

Now by all accounts (well my dear-departed grandma’s account at least) this was my favourite song as a toddler which isn’t that surprising; As well as a slightly nursery rhyme feel to the song, it will have been played to death on the radio given it was the biggest selling single of the year and I know for certain my parents owned a copy too.

While it may have only had around 3% of the streams it’s 2005 earworm counterpart has achieved (being released as it was, 32 years before streaming became a thing) it did win 3 Ivor Novello awards including, Most Performed British Work and the International Hit of the Year.

Now I could break this down into which phrases or chord sequences are the ones that link these together, but that might mean you don’t listen to the whole of each track which would frankly be a shame, so I won’t. 

Do as you are told and enjoy this little window into the 70’s or write me and tell me why not 🙂

That’s it for now, well until tomorrow. In the meantime save me some kisses


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