One way ticket to the past

Throwback Thursday this week takes us back to Bolton, more specifically the Railway Venue where the Strawberry Thieves appeared on a couple of occasions. 

Amongst the Strawberry Thieves original tracks on the set list were a generous smattering of pop covers strategically interspersed to ensure the hordes of screaming fans didn’t get too overwhelmed.

We always liked to pick tunes from across the ages so a classic from the Kinks or the Beatles  was often included. On this occasion we opted not for the Neil Finn inspiring ‘When I’m 64’ (see a previous week’s earworm), but instead ‘Ticket to Ride’.

Ian Wheeler does a sterling job of vocal harmonies as well as providing his usual bass expertise.

‘Foor tickits to Bowl’ten purlease’ 

Happy days, seem to remember it completely lashed it down on the way home though. Typical Pennine weather!

Let see what tomorrow brings


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