Thirsty? There’s no water in the water fountain but plenty of life

Friday Favorites time and this is real treat. I love this song from tUnE-yArDs, for it’s joyous sound, the rich vocal harmonies and the kooky unconventional writing.

There is a strong tribal feel to the rhythms, a couple the lyrics are in Haitian Creole French which would give a possible clue as to some of the cultural influences of the music.

The accompanying video is reminiscent of the kind of kids tv that I have spent many a semi-conscious hour enduring. Featuring vocalist Merrill Garbus, it feels like a cross between  Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles.

Music trivia anoraks may be interested to know ‘Water Fountain’ (released in 2014 on 4AD) featured in the soundtrack to FIFA 15 and was also used in an advert for the Google Pixel phone.

Not your cup of tea? That’s ok more randomish picks out of my collection to come  each and every week. 

And tomorrow is weekend! 


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