Up, in the Air-wolf

I know what I like (and I like what I know). I like well-crafted and catchy pop songs that remind me of other tunes,  just like this one…

When “Up” came along from the Saturdays back in 2008 there was something about it that took me back to my youth. It took a little while for the earworm to make its way to the golden nugget of musical rootage but eventually it got there as memories of Saturday nights in front of the TV watching Ernest Borgnine and Jan-Michael Vincent do their thing in a souped-up chopper flooded back.

Airwolf was one of those classic 80’s hero shows that, along with Knight Rider, Blue Thunder, Street Hawk, Auto-man and Manimal kept many a young boy, such as myself, out of mischief. Aside from Knight Rider, Airwolf is pretty much the only theme tune I could hum if asked. Sylvester Levay composed it, pretty sure the Saturdays have no idea who he is though.


Up, up and away in my beautiful… helicopter

Somewhere there is another song chugging away trying to hook itself around my brain but it eludes me for now. Maybe we will return to this again?

Throwing back as it’s Thursday tomorrow (rather than up).


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