Something approaching Hysteria

Throwback Thursday. I’m sat in Mum’s Comfort Food in Edinburgh about to tuck into a buffalo burger while the kids and missus enjoy Sausage & Mash, Macaroni Cheese and haggis-stuffed chicken. We’ve had a fantastic day of culture starting with Bite-Sized Breakfast theatre with Croissants, Coffee, strawberries and comedy (Star-spotting Frank Skinner in the audience). After lunch some street entertainment, a sojourn into the Scottish National Gallery, followed by a Harry Potter tour of the city (thanks to Johnny our excellent guide).

Sitting waiting for our food we’ve had ‘Freebird’ by Lynrd Skynrd to which my son annoyingly sang the guitar solo, but that is not today’s track. Neither is ‘Hysteria’ by Def Leppard which also played. Your treat today is the subsequent 80’s one hit wonder  ‘(I just) died in your arms’ by Cutting Crew.

You lucky people!

Enjoy the music while I enjoy the burger 🙂

Catch you tomorrow


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