Not just some meaningless chit-chat.

Hauntingly beautiful.

That’s how I would describe this week’s Friday Favourite. I came across it, as I expect a large number of people did, when it was used for the theme music to the most excellent ‘Broen’, or ‘Bron’, depending on whether your native tongue is Danish or Swedish.

Known in the UK as ‘The Bridge’, the four seasons of subtitled serial-killer fayre provide some of the best non-US drama for over a decade. Imagine the darkness of the other Danish police drama ‘The Killing’, crossed with the likes of ‘In the line of duty’ and ‘The Fall’ and you are probably getting close. The dialogue is faultless and the storylines will keep you guessing long into each series.

As for the theme music (which is broadly why we’re here), well I think it speaks for itself. Listen to it alone, or with the expertly  matched and truly gorgeous visuals of the titular Øresund Bridge at the beginning of each episode. Written by Danish musicians  Jannis Noya Makrigiannis and Anders Rhedin and recorded by Makrigiannis with a collection of musicians as part of his project ‘Choir of Young Believers’. Released in Denmark in 2008 and across the rest of Europe in 2009 as part of the album ‘This is for the whites in your eyes’.

Treat yourself and take a few minutes to kick back and unwind to this enchanting melodic delight.


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