When there isn’t time for everything…

So today is a plan b day, but in a good way. It’s been hectic and I’ve done nearly everything on the list. I completed the 9-5 duties, got home, had tea, rehearsed some new songs, cycled to the pool, worked on my next post over the course of a mile swim, then cycled the long way home.

Of course now I’m back and having spent a considerable amount of time considering what was going to be in my next post, ironically don’t have time to get it all down tonight.

Why am I’m fine with that?

Because I know two things; sometimes things are too good to rush  and, as Jim Steinman said through the voice of Meatloaf, “Two out of Three ain’t bad”

So I’ll leave you with, no not that, this… (for someone I know will appreciate it)

Watch Feeling Good by Muse on YouTube

Midweek Mutating Earworm tomorrow featuring Neil Finn AND Paul McCartney….


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