Summer:time for some Bristol Rock-Rock

Quick fire post tonight in the Friday Favourites section. Bringing some fast spitting lyrical bliss courtesy of Mr Andy Cooper and his Bristol buddies, the Allergies. About to release their third album in September this year, and finally tour the UK and Europe, Rock Rock appeared on album one –  “As We Do Our Thing“. 

I have previously attempted to match Mr Cooper and his amazingly dexterous dictations (he was even so kind as to send me an instrumental version of the track to work with in an attempt to impress my fiance at our wedding reception). Alas my attempts were more tongue-tied than the Cat in Red Dwarf.

For those of you who want to attempt the same, the lyrical version of the video is here for your karaoke delectation.

That’s it for now…Rock on out of here…


PS. If anyone can help me work out why some you-tube videos fail to pull in a thumbnail drop me a line. It’d be much appreciated 🙂

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