Trying to give Steven Tyler a walk for his money

Possibly the most fun you can have on stage is an upbeat song with storytelling lyrics that you can really deliver a performance to. The kind of thing that springs to mind would be someone like Adam Lambert camping it up to 11 for “Killer Queen” with more gay abandon than even Freddie dared.

The closest I’ve got to date is throwing a few shapes as homage to Steven Tyler when performing Walk This Way with good friends as the Strawberry Thieves. So while Steven was rocking Donington with Aerosmith bringing his 40 years of experience to the masses, we endeavoured to bring some fun to a Friday night at the Heckmondwike Comrades Club.

Do I aspire to greatness? Of course. 

Will I get there? Surely it’s all about the journey, not reaching the destination 🙂

Catch you tomorrow for this week’s Friday Favourite..


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