Back once again like a renegade master. D4 damage with the ill behaviour!

Hey pop pickers, missed me? No of course not but then again, ask me if I’m bothered…

Deafening silence as expected. Not to worry, I write to satisfy my desires to emote, not for external validation. (No seriously, this really is the case. I’m not kidding myself that there are a raft of people just desperate to read anything and everything I have to say. The benefits of writing here rather than twittering on directly on social platforms is that these posts will be here for as long as I keep the servers running and won’t get lost amongst the detritus)

So what’s been happening? And why am I back here having previously withdrawn into blog hibernation and publicly declared Spring to be my next outing?

All good questions. Why am I writing again? Well, why not? I have reserved the right to write as often as I like and to contradict previous statements of intent whenever it suits. The intent was genuine at the time, however I don’t feel any need to be bound by the previous version of me who held that intention. I am no longer he.

My step back from social media continues, in it’s place I sustain more time for meditation (thank you Sam Harris), and music production. 

Music related work has been going well, Re-working songs from snippets of old recordings combined with new tech has been enjoyable and fruitful. Not to the publishing standards I hold but certainly moving towards being ready to unleash them on unsuspecting audiences sometime next year. I have posted a new version of the Strawberry Thieves song “Can We Do It Again” in order to gather some feedback on the mix prior to publishing more widely. Listen below

So as we rapidly approach the end of the year and so a good time to be reflecting on the achievements of the 365 days assigned to the numerator of 2018. So in no specific order:

  • Park Runs: 33
  • New Park Runs: 12
  • Organised 10k’s: 6
  • Half Marathons: 3
  • Triathlons: 2/3
  • Total Distance Run: 702k
  • Total Distance Cycled: 502k
  • Total Distance Swum: 26k
  • Comedy Shows attended: 6
  • Gigs attended: 4
  • Festivals attended: 1
  • Hero’s met: 5
  • Parties thrown: 3
  • Weddings Attended: 2
  • Wives acquired: 1
  • Craft Ales tried: 54 56 57 59 64
  • Blog posts: 70
  • Books Purchased: 16
  • Books Started: 10
  • Books finished: 3

That’s all for now. More as it occurs to me

In the meantime happy celebrations!


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