Keeping on the straight and narrow

Feet on railway tracks

I relented this weekend and re-installed the Facebook app on my phone. I did it because I wanted to upload more than one photo to a post and it’s not possible to do that in the mobile browser version. But having done so I’ve already identified the ease of access means the temptation to ‘keep checking’ for updates is proving challenging.

Should I be able to excercise better self-control? Maybe.

The same could be said for deciding to stay off the booze for October; It feels like I should be able to control and regulate my alcohol consumption without the need for a public declaration. Taking the ‘should’ out of the equation, I know from experience it’s easier to remove temptation at source by simply not buying any wine or beer as part of the weekly shop.

I’m not without some level of self-control but my view is if there are things I can do to make it easier to achieve a desired outcome then it makes sense to do them, regardless of any self flagelation in respect of a lack of will power.

So the Facebook app is now gone from my phone (again) and there is no booze on the shopping list for this month. I am taking control and that given, maybe the method really doesn’t matter. I will be sober for the next month and have less of my free time sucked into the Internet black hole, both of which are positives.

There may be more posts as a result too.


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