Hiding behind busy

Busy blurry pedestrian crossing

I’m busy working on this post. It has a objective and an identified end point. I do this everyday. It started as an exercise in discipline and an opportunity for creative output. It has worked in lots of ways, a learning curve, sometimes a chore or burden but often a mental release, and invariably enjoyable – who doesn’t love talking about things they like? (and obviously that includes talking about yourself).

There is a “but”. Part of me wonders if this is not all just an excuse not to be doing the harder work, the work with a higher risk of failure. Longer term goals, more effort, less concrete guarantee of reward.

The harder work can’t be done just anywhere; This post is being written in the car park at work before I start my day proper. I can’t tweak vocal lines from here. So the blog could still happen at some level, but I’m beginning to think it shouldn’t be getting in the way of the more important work.

The same is true for the physical challenges I choose to undertake. Yes, they are a good driver for general fitness but they sit in the diary as artificial objectives in place of something less certain of success. They are an easy win in spite of the training requirements, but the cost again is time that could be spent elsewhere.

Upshot? The ‘almost daily’ may well become more ‘almost’ than daily. We’ll have to see how that goes. I’ll keep you up to date, although to be honest, regular readers (yes, all 3 of you), will probably work out how I fair.

Maybe Tomorrow


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