Day 1: Who’s fault is this?

Silhouette of a head with question mark

Seth says, ‘write everyday’, that ‘there’s no such thing as writers block’, ‘don’t fear failure’, ‘don’t wait to get it perfect if it prevents you ever finishing’.*

Seth says lots of things that make complete sense, that motivate, that inspire, that provoke thought.

Seth is the reason this post (and any subsequent posts) is being written. My words will be less eloquent, less informed and certainly more meandering, at least for some time to come. But (yes I know you should never start a sentence with ‘but’, however the previous sentence was already 19 words long) hopefully they may one day take on a form that someone other than me finds useful.

So here’s to Seth. It’s kind of his fault you’re here and will be mine if you’re not. I’m just going to see where this journey goes on the basis that it’s a better use of my time to be producing instead of consuming.

See you tomorrow,


PS. Who is Seth? Google him. He’s not hard to find 🙂

*These may well not be direct quotes, I’m writing from memory but they convey the general ideas. Seek out the man himself for the true word of the lord.

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