So what’s the plan?

Person looking at plans pinned on a wall

I have a plan. In fact I have 2 plans. One is fairly well rounded and has been tried and tested by others. I’ve modified this plan to suit my situation and now that I have it I can use it as a motivator and a progress indicator towards my goal.

The second plan is a work in progress, the goal is more vague and so the routes towards it are consequently less certain. This is fine for now as I’ve not publicly stated my goal and there is no pressure to stay the course. I’m reserving the right to change my mind and only I will know if I’ve not completed this one.

The formal plan covers training for my first Marathon in 12 weeks time (I may well revisit this topic in future posts). The vague plan is attached to a less definite goal and this blog is on that plan (day 2: so far, so good!)

The point is, for anything that is difficult or requires a lot of steps to get to, without a plan I’ve got significantly less chance of achieving what I set out to do.

Sure, plans can go wrong but it’s a relatively small effort to modify them. Yes, you can choose to wing it completely, but for the important stuff why take the chance?

Same time tomorrow?




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