Why I’m starting from scratch… again

Blank canvas on easel

I have ideas (as well as a plan – see yesterday’s post), ideas come relatively easily. The stuff that comes after the spark, after realising that the observation you’ve just made could be useful in some form, turning that into an actual finished product, that’s the hard bit.

This isn’t a new realisation for me, I know I already have more ideas than I have time to dedicate to working on them. I also know getting started on the actual work is often as challenging as signing stuff off as complete.

The reason for the sharp focus on both of these now is, that having committed to writing and posting every day, I am faced with tackling the prospect of starting from scratch AND getting something over the line every day.

Of course that is, in part, the point of the exercise; by forcing myself to commit to starting and finishing something on a daily basis I will get better at it on ideas and projects that have longer timelines.

This is day 3 and I know I’ll be starting from scratch again tomorrow, but that’s OK.

See you then…


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