How to handle a curve ball – part 1

Baseball batter

Every once in a while something comes along and hits us out of the blue. It could be the sudden death of a friend or loved one, losing a job, the threat of redundancy, or the breakup of a relationship.

These events are difficult even when they are visible in the distance and you have had time to adjust to their inevitable arrival. When there is no forewarning, trying to overcome the shock AND having to move forward brings an altogether different set of challenges.

In each of the above scenarios there is an element of grief and/or loss, and it’s generally accepted that people need time to process and comes to terms with that. Sometimes though we can’t afford (often literally) to simply down tools while we get our head around the changes.

Focusing on what to do next can help offset some of the emotional pain. Giving the brain a constructive distraction and some practical things to do isn’t necessarily a cure-all but can certainly help alleviate things in the immediate aftermath of bad news.

If you feel overwhelmed by everything that you are having to process, try and find someone to talk to, or try writing down thoughts and feelings. Getting things out of your head and on paper or bounced around and discussed with others can give some well needed perspective. Whatever the circumstances, life carries on and the decision is how to absorb those changes into your life rather than allowing them to dictate the path going forward and sending you wildy off course.

There is more to come on this topic but alas a minor curve ball hit today and while I’m not in a spin, I am, like Marty McFly, “outa time”.

…to be continued…


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