Why Plan B is more important than Plan A

Notebook next to screwed up pages

Everyone should have a plan, right?


What if plan A doesn’t work?

What if someone doesn’t agree with plan A?

What if you can’t afford plan A?

It doesn’t matter what the ‘if’ is, you will never think of all the possible ‘if’s.
What matters is that you have a way of working out what to do instead. Whether ‘instead’ means changing tack entirely, or just finding an alternate method of getting the same result. This is Plan B and without it Plan A can become Plan Zero

Alongside a Plan B for every major Plan A, it’s also really useful to have one or two Deadtime Plans. Deadtime Plans come in really handy if you want to avoid being sucked down a social media black hole when you find yourselves with a spare 5 minutes to fill.

Waiting for the kettle to boil? a doctors appointment? for the adverts to finish before  the next Game of Thrones episode?

Ignore the nagging call of Candy Crush or Facebook, maximise your time by reading about topics you have an interest in. You can do this with something like Feedly and build your own newsfeed adding in blogs (like this one) and the news sources you trust for things you care about, for example bbc music or newhumanist.

Deadtime plans apply to travel time too. Take the time to search out some podcast recommendations from friends and have at least one or two downloaded and ready to go in case you end up in the back of beyond with no signal.

Saving the best for last, deadtime can be put to excellent use by simply meditating for a few short moments, allows my you to reclaim the time that would otherwise be lost in unstructured thought.

Make sense? Let me know in the comments section if you don’t think so.

(Different) More tomorrow.


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