Writing (Blog)

Honesty first –  This is a filler post. I have lots to do and lots I want to get done; I’m in the middle of working on a song, I’ve got to go and get a haircut which is long overdue and I’m going out this evening. None of this will interest you, I appreciate […]

Ok so this isn’t the experiment I was planning to try out today, but never mind. That’s part of the fun of trying new stuff and seeing what works and what falls flat on it’s arse. New paragraph; having been considering if it was possible to dictate a blog post I downloaded a couple of […]

Something’s not quite right. I’m not sure what, but it’s causing a sense of unease. There are a number of minor things that are annoying or frustrating me, one was yesterday’s tech failure which feels like it sucked more than just some of my time up. Another is probably having over-committed myself a little, combined […]

Tech fail rant mode: ON Raaaaaagh! Fire up Rocksmith on Steam to have a bit of a session on the bass. It fails to run – “cannot initialise graphics engine”. Mess around with display drivers, reboot, detach secondary monitors, drop resolution, scour online forums for possible fixes, give up. Fire up Cubase to do some […]

Sometimes it’s a simple matter of practice (ok, so not that all practice is effective but let’s put that aside for now); it could be developing muscle memory and honed reactions like the ones I wished I’d had when playing Donkey Kong or Manic Miner as a child. Back then the way to the next […]

Away on business today so in place of the usual thoughtful commentary is some observational inspired poetry: More like an inter-national expressAll human life is here too;Sleepers, commuters, tourists, Young, old, fragrant, odourous, In this (mostly) high-speed sweatbox, Thousands of tiny private universesUnder a city of the only world there is. On, off, off and […]

It’s broken. What is ‘it’? Well not to be all doom and gloomy about it but pretty much everything. Democracy, government, the news media, the nhs, the economy, the list goes on. Corrupt politicians look after their own interests and those of their sponsors, honourable ones are simply not in a position to be effective […]

We need to do something with our driveway. Yes I know I’ve completely captivated you with just that one sentence of domestic dilemmery, but bear with me. My good lady and I are not without some diy skills and are certainly not afraid to take up the challenge of something new either. It’s not beyond […]

How do we reconcile compromises in our principles for the sake of an easy life or maintaining relationships? Where should we draw the line and where should we rub bits out and redraw them to accommodate others? How many small incremental allowances does it take before the gap between who we intend to be and […]

It’s hard, always feeling like you’re chasing around trying to get everything on your list done.  Imagine how good it would feel to know you not only had everything in hand, but that you were actually a little bit ahead.  There is a positivity to being on top of the things you need to do, […]